Dr.Hauschka Med

Nowhere else are the physical and the emotional so closely interwoven as in the skin. In our lips, especially, we can sense a hint of the soul.

Dr.Hauschka Med Lips – The lips are the gateway to the soul

The skin of our lips is very different from the skin that covers the rest of our bodies. The outer skin layer of the lips is extremely thin; the stratum corneum is only a twentieth of a millimetre thick and there is no protective hydrolipid film or hair. The skin of the lips does not contain any sweat or sebaceous glands, nor does it produce any protective melanin, the substance that causes our normal skin to tan when exposed to the sun's rays.

Instead, the skin of the lips contains numerous nerve endings and blood vessels, which we use to sense the slightest touch and differences in temperature. Being thin-skinned is the price for this high degree of sensitivity that even small children are aware of – which is why they explore new objects by putting them in their mouths.

The skin of the lips consists of only three to five layers of cells and is therefore very thin compared to the skin covering the rest of the face, which is made up of around 16 layers.

Because the skin of the lips is so thin, the underlying blood vessels show through, giving the lips their red colour.