Dr.Hauschka Med

Plant products such as shea butter from Burkina Faso in Africa and essential rose oil from Iran are examples of WALA’s commitment to supporting developing countries.

Organic quality

Producing natural special care products on natural ingredients is quite a challenge, particularly given that consistently high quality and availability must be ensured at all times. Renewable raw materials require far-sighted planning and thorough quality control.

Many of the medicinal herbs required are grown by gardeners in WALA’s own biodynamic garden. All components sourced externally by WALA are subject to strict quality control by the company’s internal analytical and microbiological control laboratories. Wherever possible, these are grown biodynamically, organically or harvested in the wild.

Biodynamic cultivation around the world

For many years now, WALA has promoted organic farming and biodynamic agriculture around the globe. These methods make do without pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

WALA sponsors consulting in biodynamic farming for their partners and if needed also helps them with loans or the costs of certification. To give the partners greater security in planning, WALA also signs long-term purchase agreements with them and in some cases provides advance payment for the harvest.