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Teeth are not just an expression of our vitality, but of our internal development. When a child's permanent teeth come in, it is an important step on the path to adulthood.

Dr.Hauschka Med Teeth – Well-being for your mouth

Teeth play an important role in digestion, chewing food and making it smaller. Healthy teeth are therefore important to our good health.

And teeth are tiny wonders. The enamel that covers them is the hardest substance in the human body. Thanks to deposits of minerals such as calcium, phosphate, magnesium and sodium compounds, it is so robust that it can scratch steel. However, it is subject to the wear and tear of constant use. We utilise the chewing surfaces of our teeth around one thousand times each day. The tooth itself is anchored to the jaw by its root and connective tissue fibres in such a way that it can give slightly under extreme pressure. Teeth are surrounded by the gums to protect their sensitive necks.

For thousands of years, many cultures have known that a healthy mouth is essential to the well-being of the person as a whole. Both mouthwash and the use of twigs from the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) to clean the teeth are mentioned in an ancient Indian law text dating from 600 BCE.